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DanceSport Club Tepika


Tepika is the only dancesport club in Jyväskylä providing education in 10-dance international program (5 standard and 5 latin american dances). Tepika is a member of Finnish DanceSport Association (Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto, STUL), which is, in turn, a member of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). Tepika provides dancesport education to its members, supports their participation in national and international competitions, and organizes itself every year one or two national-level competitions.

In addition to dancesport, Tepika provides teaching in Zumba (latin american dancing without a partner) and other recreational dances.

How Tepika may serve you and how much does it cost?

Tepika has its own dancehall, in Palokka. This dancehall may be used by all the Tepika members whenever there is no lesson there. To have this possibility of free practicing, one must pay 50 euros of annual membership fee + 150 euros for a season, or a 10 euros for a day.

Non-members may practice in the hall for 200 euros for a season, or a 20 euros for a day. The hall may also be reserved for exclusive use for 40 euros per hour.

Instead of just paying those monthly or daily fees for just free practicing, one may pay 100 to 300 euros and participate in group lessons also. There are dancesport groups for beginners, E-class, D-class, and C-A classes.

Of course, competitive dancers may also buy individual lessons from any of the Tepika`s coaches or any Tepika's couple.

The timetable for groups in the Tepika's hall may be found here. A few Finnish words that you need to know to understand it: luokka - class, luokat - classes, kilpatanssin peruskurssi - dancesport basics, lapset - children, juniorit - juniors, aikuiset - adults, vakiot - standard dances, vapaaharjoitus - free practice (but recall that the hall is actually free always when there is no lesson there).

Teaching in all the groups is in Finnish, except our new group for children, where all the education is provided in Russia. All of our teachers speak also English so they can always answer a question. Note also that the vocabulary you need to understand teacher's guidance is not very large - mainly consisting of the words for the human body parts and for directions - you can learn this fast.

How to find us?

Tepika's dancehall, as well as its office and also Dance Center's dance accessories shop, is located in Palokka. The address is Harkkotie 5. Take a look at the map here.

Come and ask any questions you have. You may contact any people you find there - in the office or in the dancehall.

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